Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Skateboarders and Room Tours

So, it's been a while. Long time no see:)
Well, long story long....
Ya' know that etsy shop I was telling you about? It actually kind of worked. A lot of people wanted custom portraits and art jobs, which was amazing, but it also took about 100% of my "free time". So I was a little bit flooded with Christmas orders, and then Christmas came and I was busy eating cookies, and through it all I didn't have a lot of time to simply draw. 

The last couple of days have been blissfully clear, so I've had time to draw and also redecorate my room.
Room tour!

Welcome to my art desk. It is arguably my favorite part of the house. 
 This bulletin board is very new to me. It has actually been sitting in my family's garage for a long time, but I refinished the the frame and now it lives on my wall.
There were exactly 2 records in our garage, and that top right one looks like someone took a bite out of it. I really need to buy a new one.  
 I have had a strange obsession with drawing with skateboarders. I love the way they move. Being an animation wannabe I am fascinated with all movement. You have full permission from me to think I'm crazy. 
 My awesome sauce friend Emmali gave me this art bag and I thought it was so cool I put my button collection on it. 
 This one reminds me of Matthew Healy from the 1975. I think it's the hair.  
Oh yes, to finish the room tour.
My closet
Now then, look at this picture and notice the blank wall.
(Few things thrill me more than blank walls.)
This wall is blank because I have yet to decide what to do with it.
I have a few ideas.

1. Cork board world map. Or just a regular world map. Then I would cover the rest of the wal with travel themed quotes and such.
I can't decide if my wanderlust is strong enough for this idea....
This world map corkboard:

2. Flower wall. 
Obviously with fake flowers, but I think this is so pretty:)
DIY Fresh Flower Wall via Green Wedding Shoes #DIYwedding #flowers #roses:
Let me know in the comments which one you would choose!

Oh, and for this new year, I am going to start blogging every Wednesday.
I don't take new years resolutions lightly, so expect me every Wednesday, then send me an angry email if I'm not there;)

See ya' next week!
~Abby Dahl~ 


  1. Aghhh! I love it all! *eats it up*

    I'm the same with you--I'm an animation wannabe. However, I am much father away from that than you are because you actually draw. I'm at the stage of "draw occasionally and when I do, throw it across the room in disgust". XD I don't know if I'll ever get out of that. But anyway, I totally feel you on movement. And skateboarders fascinate me. So I don't think you're crazy.

    As for which one I vote for....eugh hard choice. I like the world map idea. Then you could draw people in different places and that would be fun. I think I'd go with that. XD

    1. Well thank you!
      Ah yes, but we must remember than the first step of being amazing at anything is being very bad at it:)

  2. Hey Abby, I have that same art bag. I also got chalkboard spray paint for Christmas. I can't wait to use it. :-)

  3. This is all awesome!! I absolutely love the skateboarding pictures-such a neat idea, and I also love the color blocking and all that. Wow. I love your room- I also have an art desk and I love it, it's my favorite thing in my room also :). I vote for the flower wall.

    1. Yes, thank the Lord in heaven for art desks;)

  4. Just found your blog, and I love it! You are such an amazing artist! And I really like the lights around your bulletin board!


    1. Well it's very nice to meet you Eleanor! I can't wait to see more of you around here:)

  5. Your blog makes me so happy! But I definitely think you should get the map cork board thing. I have a vintage world map in my room and I have to say, nothing beats a room with a map in it:')

    1. Aw shucks, well thank you! I'm thinking a yes on the map too:)

  6. Notice in the cork board map that all strings lead to Scotland! (ok, maybe it is England area of Great Britain, but honestly, just move the pin just a smidgen northward and voila!

    Love your creative space. It makes me smile.

  7. I vote for the cork board map. Awesome idea for an awesome artist! I love your drawings!

  8. proving that hipster tumblr artists with perfect rooms do exist <3

  9. OMG, this blog is amazing, and you are such a great artist. You should draw Selena Gomez!