Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Liebster Award! (tag)

Well hello there!
I was nominated by the the lovely Marie Pier for the Liebster award!
So the rules apparently go like this.
To do this tag, you have to 1) link back to the person who tagged you, 2) answer all the questions (11) you’ve been asked, 3) tag 11 bloggers who have less than 1000 readers, 4) ask them 11 questions  and 5) let them know you’ve tagged them through social media.
1. How long have you been blogging?
I had to look this one up, but I did my very first post on May 4th, 2015. So not even a year:)
2. What is your dream job? Or dream life?
I'm an aspiring animator/musican/writer, so I suppose my dream life is to be working at disney/pixar studios, with a little music career on the side, and also working on publishing my fantastic unwritten novel;) 
3. Would you describe yourself as a) an introvert, b) an extrovert, or c) a little bit of both?
I am an introvert to the core. It scares me how much I love being alone;) I also love people! I think the biggest myth that introverts hate people.
4. Are you a superstitious person?
Nah. I am a Christian, but to me superstitious and religious are very different things.  
5. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Cat person. I think I, myself, am a cat at times.
6. How would you describe your ideal year?
Hm, well probably a year full of fantastical projects and exciting prospects. 
7. How many languages do you speak or understand?
8. What will you do for Christmas this year? (Or for any other celebration that you celebrate.)
Well, I probably something very similar to what I did last year. Which mostly consists of sleeping in a eating many many cookies. 
9. What is your favorite memory of all times (or any that you would like to tell)?
Standing on top of the Empire State Building at 11 in the P.M.
10. Hot chocolate or coffee? 
This is very hard for me...
I don't have to make that decision on an innocent Wednesday evening. 
11. What made you want to blog?
To be completely honest, I just wanted a platform for my art. So I could have all of my artistic endeavors in one place. But now as I've gone into it I've found that my favorite part about blogging is all of the awesome sauce people I get to meet all over the world!

Okay, enough of me talking, now I need to tag (11) people!
Arielle Meier  @ The Selcouth Girl
Joe Hull @ The Booker Guy
Hannah Joy @ Miles in the Rain 
Devanshi @ The Elephantess
A.B. @ A B Sees
Megan @ Pen and Ink

And if I didn't tag you, it would still be amazing if you did the tag!!!

So, my 11 questions are these
1. Last song you listened to?
2. Favorite children's book?
3. Inspirational quote?
4. Ice-Cream or Cupcakes?
5. If you could live anywhere for a month, where would it be?
6. If you could eat lunch with anyone, who would it be?
7. If you could instantly speak one language fluently, which one would you choose?
8. What are 3 things/people that inspire you?
9. When was the last time you laughed and why?
10. What is something that simply makes you happy?
11.  The best thing about blogging so far?

Thank you guys, so much! 
See you next Wednesday:)

~Abby Dahl~


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yeah, there really aren't any "rules" just guidelines and suggestions;)

  2. Thank you for tagging me! I am looking forward to it!

    Also, I put your button on my blog. Thanks for doing a swap with me! :)

  3. Abby, thank you so much for tagging me! You don't even know how much this means to me- I really appreciate it! You are an awesome blogger- loved this post! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you so much for tagging me! It actually means so much! You honestly don't know how happy this made me feel:') Thank You!!!

    Sammmmmmy x

    1. Hi Sammmmmmmmmmy;)
      Can't wait to read your answers to my (slightly strange) questions!

  5. SO TRUE THAT THE GREATEST MYTH IS THAT INTROVERTS DON'T LIKE PEOPLE. I looove people. But I also love being alone. XD

    1. I know right?? I am glad I am not alone then;)

  6. "10. Hot chocolate or coffee?
    This is very hard for me...
    I don't have to make that decision on an innocent Wednesday evening. "

    XD Goodness, you made me laugh, Abby. Great post:) <3 xx

    1. You have to admit that's an unfair question;P

    so many people just don't get that hahaha <3 and also, decisions like hot chocolate or coffee shouldn't be on innocent wednesday evenings, i agree ;) xx

  8. Hey Abby! Soooo it's awesome to meet you! I've been kind of ghost-reading (stalking? stalking.) your blog for a little while because the lovely Hannah Joy told me what a gorgeous blog you have here (and what a marvelous artist you are I MEAN WHAT. for real.) And I've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award in the past, but I've never done it and I think that this time I'll actually do it so EEEEEP I'm excited. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME!! So super sweet of you. ^.^

    "I think the biggest myth is that introverts hate people." UM YES. SO TRUE. I'm a total introvert and hanging out with people usually exhausts me, but I still love people. I just can't handle talking to/seeing them for very long. And I love to be alone, too. GAH IDK IT'S WEIRD IT'S AWESOME WE'RE AWESOME. ;)

    Okay so your sidebar picture is SO COOL. LIKE GIRL YOU HAVE PAINT ON YOUR FACE. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW COOL THAT IS??? I'm excited to do this tag thanks again dear. :)


    1. Well hello there Abbiee! It is lovely to meet you as well!
      Yessss! And true, we are very awesome people, mostly because we are both named Abby/Abbiee;P
      I cannot wait to read your answers!! And thank you again for stalking me, it is truly a compliment coming from you.

  9. I love these posts because they're always so much fun to read + I get to learn a bit more about the bloggers behind the blogs I read! Isn't the Empire State Building gorgeous to look at! I live in NYC and haven't even been inside... at least I don't think so. #DontJudge. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

    And you have a pretty rad sense of humor Abby :)Awesome sauce people... Well said!

    1. Aw shucks, thanks Kianna!

      It's amazing that you live in NYC itself! I visited two summers ago, and made it an official goal to live there at some point in my life. I love how everywhere you look, there's a story. There's so much life in one place, it's truly magical:)
      You should go up the Empire State Building. It's amazing to look down and the entire city just looks like a toy;P

      And thank you so much! You're pretty rad too:)

  10. I found your blog because I follow Hannah Joy's blog, and of course she linked back to you in her liebster award post, so I was reading your About page and didn't see a way to comment on it so I'm doing it here and WOWWIE WOO WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. I have red hair too, and I may be a teeny bit too proud of it, and I'm an artist, and love the idea of just going around with paint on your face... And I'm always singing, usually loudly. Also I am saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. :) And I'm an introvert too.

    1. yay!!!!!!!!! *high five because red hair* being ginger is pretty rad:)

  11. Does you tagging me mean that you nominated me for the award?

    1. Yes, the Liebter Award is yours Joseph Hull!