Sunday, February 21, 2016

Catching up + Coffee

 Hello there! 
I knowww it's been forever, so lets pretend that we're sitting down for coffee to catch up.
So how are you? What kind of amazing things have been happening in your lives lately??
please please leave a comment telling me, I really want to know what kind of cool things you guys do!!!!!!!
What about me? Well then, I've been filling out my sketchbook...

I'm learning how to use my wacom tablet and photoshop, it's been slow, but fun.
I discovered my love for flower crowns.
listening to a lot of Regina Spektor.
Well it was fantastic to see you again!

I'm also painting a barstool with a pink version of Starry Night, which I will soon do a blog post about very very soon!

Have a spectacular day!
~Abby Dahl~