Friday, September 4, 2015

A Few More Bloggers....

 I have just a few more bloggers to introduce you to....
The first,

I've always known her as Mrs. Blanchet, so it just seems too weird to call her by her first name;) 
I know her from my church, and was entirely thrilled when she asked me to illustrate her!
She has a beautiful blog chronicling her family life and homeschooling adventures! I hope you all check it out:)

 And the Second...

She has an awesome blog full of fun miscellany:)
I drew this one in a bit of a different style than the others, but I thought it was pretty cute!

If you want me to illustrate you for your blog just shoot me an email at


  1. Aw, Abby, I love it! Thank you so much and for the shout out too.

  2. These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see mine ;)


  3. I am about to email you! xx These look so beautiful, Abby! You did a wonderful job with them!
    ~ Sanjana

  4. Superb! I am loving seeing all the bloggers getting drawn!

  5. These are so pretty!
    A friend of mine told me to check your blog. He was so impressed with your work and now I totally understand what he was talking about. I've seen some of your other blogger illustrations and they are simply amazing.
    I just have to follow you and send you an email to ask if you can illustrate me too ;)

    x Envy
    Picking up the Pieces